About Us

Seneca Battalion ROTC spans six college campuses – Alfred State, Alfred University, Houghton College, Jamestown Community College, the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford and St. Bonaventure University, which acts as the host school.

Cadets in the program experience a wide range of leadership and technical training that is applicable to both the civilian and military career path.  Those who earn and accept a US Army ROTC scholarship then incur an eight year commitment in either Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard and an experience of a lifetime.

Are you good enough to be a leader of America’s sons and daughters? Find out and apply today.

Seneca Battalion history: http://www.goarmy.com/rotc/schools/saint-bonaventure-university/history.html

For more information on Seneca Battalion: http://www.sbu.edu/academics/special-programs/rotc/our-program

For more information about ROTC: http://goarmy.com/rotc

Contact info:

Recruiting Operations Officer – CPT Jared Kausner – (716) 375-2568 / JKAUSNER@sbu.edu

Cadet Recruiting Officer: Brian Machina – (518) 928-2512


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