Lab Week 11

Members of Alpha 1-1 prepare to get into their ambush positions.

For the last week of lab for the Fall Semester, Seneca BN ROTC went out with a bang.

Seneca BN conducted a platoon ambush in the vicinity of Bob’s woods on Thursday, utilizing every cadet present to form a full size platoon.  The lessons from every lab were used in this final exercise, designed to test all cadets’ skills working in a tactical scenario.

MS III cadets were put into leadership for the lab, making them revert to a training mentality instead of a teaching one.

CDT Tampe briefs his plan to platoon leadership.

CDT Jeff Tampe was assigned as Platoon Leader and was given a half hour to come up with a plan.  After that he quickly assembled his platoon and headed in the direction of the ambush site.

The platoon’s objective was to first reach Checkpoint One, which was to be the unit’s exfil point once the mission was complete.  Once they’d reached the checkpoint the platoon moved in direction to flank the ambush site, eventually setting up an L-shaped ambush.

Once the ambush was complete, Tampe moved his forces back to Checkpoint One without sustaining any casualties and completed the exercise.

The point of this lab was a final test to see if the cadets had absorbed everything they had been taught over the course of the semester.

After long weeks of planning, training, and mentoring, Seneca Battalion can happily say, “Mission Complete.”


Seneca Battalion hosts Bolivar-Richburg 6th Grade Field Trip

CDT Furgal gives a basic block of instruction on how to use a compass and navigate with a map.
CDT Furgal gives a basic block of instruction to a portion of the 6th grade visitors on how to use a compass and navigate with a map.

Cadets from Seneca Battalion hosted middle school students from the Bolivar-Richburg school district on the Field Leader’s Reaction Course (FLRC) and in a land navigation exercise.

Cadets took shifts instructing the 6th graders, putting them through blocks of instruction designed to increase their communication skills and provoke interest in outdoor activities.  The event lasted from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

For the FLRC portion, the kids were run through three obstacles, the Wall, the Minefield, and the Broken Bridge.  For the land navigation portion, the 6th graders received basic instruction before being guided to two land navigation points in the forest surrounding St. Bonaventure University by MS III cadets.

The two groups of children learned valuable skills but more importantly got a chance to get out of school and experience the outdoors.  It was also a chance to see some of what Army ROTC had to offer.

Seneca BN participates in Veteran’s Day activities


Veteran's Day
Nov. 11, 2015: St. Bonaventure, NY: Veterans Day memorial service outside the Reilly Center at 12:00 p.m. (c) 2015 Mackenzie Watson


As is tradition, cadets from Seneca Battalion ROTC participated in Veteran’s Day activities in various locations across the Twin Tiers, doing everything from performing color guard ceremonies to playing Nintendo Wii Bowling with nuns.  On 13 November


Dining In 2015 in Pictures

CDT Bradley Crow cuts the cake after dinner is completed.
Seneca Battalion Cadre pose for a picture.
The Seneca Battalion MS II class poses for a picture.
The Seneca Battalion MS IV class poses for a picture.
The head table chuckles after one of Mr. Vice’s jokes.
CDT Feurch adds protein powder to the Grog.
CDT Russel explains why he is about to add salt to the Grog.
Horrified onlookers watch the MS IV’s add various disgusting ingredients to the Grog.
CDT Stienbroner recites the Soldier’s Creed during the opening ceremony.
The Colorguard posts the colors during the opening ceremony.
Cadets enjoy social hour before the event begins.
The MIA/POW table, present at every Army formal event.