Lab Week 10 – Radio Communications/Cold Weather Survival


This week Seneca Battalion took a break from the battle drills and focused on classroom instruction.

Splitting into three different sections the battalion spent time learning how to program and send radio transmisions on the PRC-119 radio, learned proper radio etiquette and practiced calling in MEDEVAC support, and learned cold weather survival techniques.

Cadets took turns assembling and programming the radios, then sending 9-line MEDEVAC requests to a MS III cadet in another location to simulate actually calling for a MEDEVAC in the real world.  Once cadets completed the radio portion they moved onto the cold weather portion, which was classroom session that taught the basics of survival and preparation in the cold weather.

Seneca Battalion looks forward to Dining In, a formal dinner in which the Battalion celebrates Army traditions and enjoys skits put on by each MS class.


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