Lab Week 8 – Reconnaissance

CDT’s Sourbeer and Kelly describe the proper recon procedure to a MSII cadet while he lays in security during the Recon lab.

Reconnaissance is one of the most important tools that a commander has while planning an operation.  Whether on the battlefield or in garrison, knowing the area of operations before a mission is set to commence can mean the difference between victory and defeat.  The leader’s recon is a mainstay of US Army squad and platoon level tactics, done in the hours or even minutes before an attack, whereas a route, zone, or area recon is a tasking in and of itself for a squad or platoon on the ground in a combat zone.

Seneca Battalion cadets learned the route/zone/area recon techniques this past week, first in a classroom session and then in a training exercise in the woods.  While all of them experienced a recon lane at the Battalion’s LTX, many of the younger MSI and II cadets stayed in security while MS III cadets performed the actual recon.  This lab was meant to correct that and show the younger cadets the methods of how to conduct the recon once they’ve left the security of the rest of their squad.

The Battalion split into three squads, all laying in security while taking turns going out on the recon.  The two squads that remained received supplemental training covering a wide variety of topics.  As each squad came back their turn they reported their findings to a MSIV.

Once all of the squads came back the cadets performed an After Action Review and were dismissed.

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