5 Unique Experiences You Can Gain While In ROTC

20150630_0624195.)Attend Training at Fort Knox

Every summer MS I through MS III cadets from all over the country attend training at Fort Knox, learning and perfecting the soldier skills they do not have the facilities for on their home campuses. Lasting 28 days, these training events are some of the most valuable time spent in the ROTC curriculum. Cadets are challenged daily through obstacle courses, intensive learning courses, tests, and at least a week spent in the field conducting mock combat missions. Want to see if ROTC is for you? Non-contracted ROTC cadets can attend cadet summer training (CST) without any obligation to the Army.

4.)Combat Water Survival Training

Cadets learn how to survive on the open water in full uniform and from a several meter high fall.  Training includes how to quickly ditch any heavy equipment and returning to the surface while retaining weapons and distance swimming as well as the survival float.

3.)Attend Specialty Schools

Ever wanted to go Airborne? Air Assault? Attend Mountain Warfare school? Contracted cadets can attend these elite Army training schools if their school is lucky enough to get a slot.  These schools are highly sought after in the Army and provide valuable combat-oriented training for those who want to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft for a living.

2.) Travel the world with CULP

CULP stands for Cultural Understanding and Language Program.  Its a program where cadets travel to destinations around the globe such as Thailand or Montenegro and work with the local people, learning about their cultures and their languages for three weeks before returning home.  It is considered to be one of the best events a Cadet can attend and looks very good on a cadet’s resume.

1.) Earn the rank of 2nd. Lt.

Fewer than 1% of the United States population knows what it’s like to have gold bars pinned on their shoulders.  Earning the rank of 2nd. Lt. and becoming an officer in the Army is an honorable goal that can jumpstart your career and give you advantages over any job competitor you may have.  Become a leader for life and use the skills you mastered in ROTC to lead soldiers and influence others. Join the greatest team the world has ever known as a leader.


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