5 Skills You Can Learn in ROTC

5.)  The basics of military leadership and professionalism.

20150903_155413In Military Science 101, students are taught specific techniques on how to cope with stress, manage time, how to identify and eliminate possible stressors and time wasters, and customs and courtesies in and out of uniform.  Become the master of yourself and the things that stress you out.

4.)Learn basic Land Navigation and Survival Skills


Cadets enrolled in the Military Science lab learn military land navigation and survival skills, how to read maps and move from location to location using only a compass and pace count.  Cadets practice this skill several times in the semester at labs and during Field Training Exercises (FTX)

3.) First Aid


Ever cut yourself while camping? Had to carry a friend home after too much fun in town? In the First Aid lab cadets learn how to treat injuries such as burns, cuts, gunshot wounds, broken bones, blocked airways and more.  They also learn several methods of casualty evacuation from various carries to stretcher bearing.

2.)Proper Utilization Of The M-16 rifle


Who doesn’t like a good day at the range? One lab of the year is spent at the rifle range, learning the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and utilizing them to undergo military qualification at the range.

1.) Teamwork and Communication

20151002_171637-2Teamwork and communication is essential everywhere, civilian or military. ROTC is designed to quickly and effectively teach people to come together as a team and communicate to achieve a final goal.  Whether leading a group of salesmen at a business conference or soldiers on the battlefield, communication is everything.


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