Lab Week 3- Battle Drills

Members of Seneca Battalion undergo React to Ambush training during lab.
Members of Seneca Battalion undergo React to Ambush training during lab.

This week, Seneca Battalion learned some of the Army’s battle drills.

The Army defines a battle drill as “a collective action rapidly executed without applying a deliberate decision-making process…” Essentially, it is a task that soldiers train on to be able to perform at a moment’s notice in combat.

Seneca Battalion learned Battle Drills 1A, the Squad Attack, 2, React to Contact, 3, Breaking Contact, and  4, React to Ambush.  Each Battle Drill is designed to serve a unique purpose that increases the survivability and overall effectiveness of our fighting forces.

Battle Drill 1A is the standard attack used to clear an objective by a squad.  It involves the squad splitting into two fire teams and flanking the objective, each taking turns sweeping through the objective before providing security at the end.

Battle Drill 2 is the standard reaction to enemy fire, where soldiers return fire and take cover, usually aggressively advancing on the enemy afterwords.

Battle Drill 3 is Breaking Contact, where a squad initiates tactical fallback maneuvers after receiving fire from the enemy.

Battle Drill 4 is React to Ambush.  There are two types of ambush, near and far.  Near is when the enemy is within hand grenade throwing distance and the reaction is for the team that is engaged to immediately charge the enemy.  Far is when the enemy is at a distance greater than 50 meters and the team that receives enemy fire provides cover while the other team flanks and destroys the enemy.

Cadets rotated through three stations, each taught by an MS III and assistant instructors, learning a Battle Drill at each station.  Afterwords the MS III instructors concluded the lesson by demonstrating Battle Drill 1A for the MS I and MS II cadets.

For more information about Seneca Battalion ROTC, call or email Mr. Jared Kausner, Recruiting Operations Officer at 375-2568 or


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