Seneca Battalion holds Prospect Day for Interested Students

On Saturday, September 5, Seneca Battalion ROTC held a Prospect day to display the type of activities that ROTC cadets participate in when they go out on training. Consisting of a leadership-oriented obstacle course and force-on-force paintball, the event lasted from noon to 5 p.m.

Over a dozen interested students from St. Bonaventure University, Alfred State College, Alfred University, and the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford attended, fully immersed in the events alongside Seneca Battalion Basic Course cadets. For all, it was an afternoon of fun and training, but there was also a much more serious undertone.

For those students interested in contracting with ROTC, Prospect Day is the first step. Applicants to the program are strongly encouraged to attend; it shows a commitment to ROTC cadre who ultimately decide who gets a scholarship and who does not.

The day began with an orientation to the FLRC, or Field Leader’s Response Course. The FLRC is made up of several small obstacles that a squad-sized element has to get through using only the provided tools – without leaving anyone behind. Prospect Day participants were broken up amongst the squads of existing cadets and rotated through three stations at the FLRC: the climbing wall, the minefield, and the broken bridge.

The climbing wall is a ten-foot high sheer wall that has to be ascended by every teammate – after which each person has to drop down and scale a bridge made of chain without touching the ground below. It is the most physically challenging of the obstacles.

The minefield is a section of ground with several blocks jutting out of it, each just out of comfortable reach. Participants have to move across the minefield on just the blocks while carrying an ammo can and two planks – one long and one short. Participants cannot move without a plank touching the block they’re moving to and cannot touch the ground at any time. If they do, the entire squad has to restart.

The broken bridge is a four-foot high bridge built with a massive rift in its center. Using only two planks that are far shorter than the length needed to cross, participants have to bring themselves and a 55 gallon drum across to the other side. Anything that falls on the ground is no longer usable.

After roughly two hours, every participant and cadet was handed a paintball gun and split into teams for a game of capture the flag. The area of play was the entire FLRC course and each team had a base with a flag to protect. The objective of the game was to capture the other team’s flag or eliminate all of the other team’s players. Each team won one game, resulting in a draw.

If you have any questions or interest in ROTC, please contact Mr. Jared Kausner, Seneca Battalion’s Recruitment Operations Officer, at, or Brian Machina, the Cadet Recruiting Officer, at (518) 928-2512.


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